Manifest What You Want:

6 Immediate Steps To Align Yourself With The Things You Want And Make Them Yours

When you understand that creation is finished, everything becomes so much easier. I’m going to help you break through your mental barriers and unlock infinite possibilities.
All possibilities that can exist do exist. Become a match by tuning into the frequency of what you desire. I’ve discovered that you can actually do this through ease and joy, as opposed to hustle and grind. With that said, there are 6 key steps you can take to manifest what you want through ease and joy.

1. Form a Precise and Clear Picture Of What You Want

Are you making the decision that this is what you want? If you are and you’re saying yes, I desire this… Ask and it is given, it’s done, you’ve created it.

This process is very similar to when you plant a seed. The seed is planted and we accept that what we plant is there. In other words, if we plant the seed of a flower, we may not see the flower the next day. We might even lose track of where exactly the seedling is, but we know that it’s there – it’s just in seed form.

2. Once You Have Decided What You Want - It’s Time To Let Go And Enjoy The Journey Ahead

This can be a challenging experience, especially for those A type personalities. It can be hard to move beyond our construct of making a clear plan, facilitating that plan with actionable goals, and assessing the success of that plant based on the result of the actionable goals.

Letting go, and enjoying the journey, however, is absolutely vital to the manifestation process.

That in mind, how do we allow ourselves to actually enjoy the journey?

You must reframe your intention to accept that the events unfolding before you are really the juicy part of your journey.  Your gut may tell you otherwise, but I promise that you are going to meet amazing people along your path.

Part of your path will also be discovering resources which have been shielded from you because of your previous mindset and you’re going to suddenly have incredible ideas sprouting from constructs you never knew existed.

THAT is the fun.

The NOT knowing.

When you accept that you have put a course of events into motion which will define the very fabric of the tapestry of events which are about to happen –  you can live in a place of spontaneity.

When you are not EXACTLY sure what is about to happen next, you know you are doing it right.

3. Match Your Internal State To What You Want And Create The Conditions For Optimal Growth

Get rid of those contradictory thoughts to your goal! 

Just because the current version of you does not have your goal completed yet, doesn’t mean that the future version of you does not have that goal already in hand! You need to match how you feel now to the future version of you that has what you are trying to manifest now. 

In other words, do you want a brand new Ford Mustang? Sounds great, right? Though you may not have it right now, think of what your future self feels when your future self is driving down the highway with the wind at your back and the sun on your face. Your future self has the Ford Mustang, so create the conditions for your current self to feel what it’s like to drive (a safe speed of course) with nothing but the deep rumble of American muscle begging to go just 5 miles per hour faster.

4. How Does This Version Of You Feel On A Daily Basis?

So this is what you’re focusing on – that feeling state – and that is what fine-tunes your frequency. 

That is to say, if your goal has been achieved, and you’re walking around with the keys to that Mustang in your pocket, how does the version of you feel on a daily basis? Do you feel good? Do you feel more confident? Do you feel a little bit more like a risk-taker? 

In this case, we’re talking about a Mustang, but it doesn’t matter what it is. Maybe you want a new office – it can be anything you want. Whatever that goal is, what will the goal make you feel like on an everyday basis once you achieve it? You have to start feeling that moment of satisfaction or fulfillment.  

This creates the attraction of what you desire coming towards you, and you moving towards it.

5. What Actions Does The Future Version Of You Take To Cultivate Growth Today?

What actions do they take today, this week, this month? 

What are you doing to cultivate growth?

Because you’re creating a state that is matched to what you have asked for, that is a match to what exists right now.  Now it can detect you and is thereby attracted to you – thus,  “the law of attraction”.

 It can draw you to it and draw it to you. It already exists. And you could be so close. 

6. Be Patient – Work On Your Mental Endurance and Stamina For Your Best Manifestation

A crucial step that is often overlooked by people is trusting the universe to do right by you, even if it doesn’t seem that way on the surface.  

Where most people have a disconnect is asking the universe for things, but also asking for things that they cannot know for sure are best for them.

Here’s an example: If you have to struggle to make ends meet throughout your entire life, it may be the universe’s way of giving you a deep and fulfilling appreciation of all the little things in life.  

Where’s the problem with that, right? The universe is giving you what you need. People don’t often see that message so they ask for more resources so they don’t have to struggle. 

But here’s another way to look at it: if you were suddenly able to buy everything you need comfortably, you may find that you are no longer as grateful for things such as a free walk on the beach with your partner, or the pleasure of crafting a piece of furniture by yourself for your modest home. That potential case for checks and balances is the universe keeping you aligned with who you truly are deep inside.


So, while you can and should ask the universe for things, you should know that the signs you follow may, in fact, lead you someplace else entirely.  

Here’s the fun part though (bringing it full circle to the joy of NOT knowing) that place could very well be where you wanted to end up in the first place.

Surround yourself with those who want it all. Soak in the energy of a high vibration space.