Our unique coaching program sets you up to reach your goals and be able to hold onto your success.

Many people aren’t able to hold onto their achievements and we will show you why.

All of our coaching programs set you up to have a strong foundation to keep going further and further.

The next thing you notice is LIFE BECOMES EASY.

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(6 months Self Study)

$3,800 USD



(6 or 12 months)

$9,800 / $15,500 USD


(6 months)

Hina Khan - $100 000 USD

Clarity Coach - $20,000+


(6 months)

$20 222 USD

Corporate Coaching

(6 months - Customizable)

Investment TBD

If you choose to enroll with an installment plan, please note that you are responsible for completing all of your payments. The installment option is offered as a courtesy, not a membership that can be cancelled. This is a commitment to complete your payment.

All clients:

  • Are invited to a Goal Group Session with Hina at the beginning of their journey.
  • Have access to our team for support.
  • Obtain access to a customized portal that provides you with recordings of all of Hina’s teachings, goal worksheet, and other important information to support you in your journey.
  • Access to on-demand client-only Skills Clinics.

You love what you do, you make more money, your relationships are stronger, and you feel good and at ease because of the way the system works.

With most programs, you make changes at the surface level and have some success for a short period of time.

With our programs, you make permanent changes at the deep subconscious level, where you will learn the formula to repeat in the area of your life.

Natalie Royer

Natalie Royer

"Choosing Hina Khan as a coach was definitely the jump-off. Since I joined her group I took a chance on myself and I quit my full-time job in December and have never looked back. I am booked and busy and I am filled with gratitude daily. Having her 6am calls supported my mindset and allowed me to connect with an amazing community and I have met friends that have supported me and share the same mindset from her group! Her team is amazing and always there to support you!"



I love the morning calls with Hina! I listen to the replay because it's too early for me to join (3am)... I find them so valuable to stay on track with my dreams and goals, get me set for the day, and to learn.



Being a part of Hina's coaching and community has been such a powerful experience. The growth I’ve had I can’t even begin to measure. I love that I now have much more clarity around what I really want in my life and WHO I am.

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