How To Structure Your Group Coaching Program

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How To Structure Your Group Coaching Program

Have you ever wondered what the best way to structure your group coaching program is? Are you a coach who has been struggling with this question and having trouble finding an answer? You’re not alone.

The truth is, many ways can work for coaches, but it’s up to each coach to find their unique solution. This blog post will show you how to structure your group coaching program. Hopefully, these ideas will help you determine which direction would be the best fit for your business!

What Is Group Coaching?

Group coaching is a format that allows coaches to take multiple people through the same journey simultaneously. It is excellent for covering broader topics and for creating a burst of income in your business.

You can charge for your program or offer free sessions as an incentive to sign up for your evergreen enrollments.

If you are thinking about running your group coaching program, here are some things to consider. Knowing the answers to these questions will outline the basis of your program structure.

What size group will you be coaching?
What will your session focus be?
In what format will you be teaching?
What content do you have to offer?

Enrollment Models To Consider When Structuring A Group Coaching Program

There are several ways to structure your group session enrollment, as explored in depth by Nudgecoach, but this post will cover the important parts below.

Cohort Model

In this model, everyone who is signing up for your program does so at once. Therefore, they will all start and end simultaneously, allowing for a more focused experience.

A cohort model is great for coaches just starting or who are looking to test out a program. You don’t need many clients to run a cohort, but you should prepare to offer lots of value to everyone there.

Program Model

The program model means running a program over a set period, say 8-12 weeks. During that period, anyone can sign up for the program, and they do not need to be at every session to get the complete experience.

It will require you to build out the automation for a rolling enrollment period. So, you should do this if you have already worked out and tested your program.

While it’s running, you will have to constantly be selling people into it, requiring you to have an existing audience and understand where they are in the buyer’s journey.

Membership Model

The membership model is your evergreen enrollment. It could be a once or twice weekly session that you hold all year round.

It runs on a membership basis because people are paying you regularly for access. If you can execute a year-round program, we would recommend considering a membership model because you can do it in conjunction with your other services.

A membership model is also a great way to scale your business effectively, although it will require you to create consistent content for your clients. It is also easier to sell an existing client by staying with you than finding new ones from scratch.

How To Format Your Group Coaching Program

There are several formats you should consider when structuring your group coaching program. There are, of course, other formats, but this post will focus on these three for now, as EverCoach lays them out.

Format 1- The Online Course

Nowadays, this may be a given, considering how comfortable everyone is communicating through Zoom and Google Meet. However, we will include it here if you have not yet made the switch to online coaching.

You can either offer an online program as a pre-recorded video or a live coaching session, or both. Then send out the pre-recorded video ahead of time to set the tone for the actual course.

In terms of convenience and scalability, nothing beats an online program. The simple fact is that you can reach many more people meeting online than you would in person. In addition, it expands your audience worldwide (or at least within similar time zones) and makes it far easier for people to commit when they know they can do so at home.

Format 2- The Mastermind Program

In this format, you are bringing together a group of experienced people to achieve a significant outcome. You will act more as a facilitator than a trainer because these people already know what they are doing.

The topic will be broad enough to include everyone, but you will still need a group of similar people. If everyone approaches the problem from a different point of life, it may leave the group feeling underwhelmed.

You can solve this by taking the reigns a little, stepping back into the trainer position, and teaching more than you listen—the importing thing here, though, is an open spread of ideas.

Your group should be learning from each other as much as they are from you.

Some Good Topics For A Mastermind Program
How To Achieve Financial Success
Finding Clarity In Our Lives
How To Make A Difference

Format 3- Intensive Group Coaching Day

In this format, you bring a small group of people together to achieve a targeted outcome. It allows you to be much more intentional about the problem that you are solving.

In this setting, you would design your entire session around one focal point. It can be on any area or topic but should be something your whole group can relate to.

The group doesn’t have to be more than eight people to achieve your goals here. What is important is that you are highly knowledgeable in the area that you are trying to solve.

Some General Group Coaching Tips

It’s okay if you have never run a group coaching program before. This post has outlined some beginner options for you to test out your schedule, but teaching it will also require an adjustment.

One of the best tips when it comes to group coaching is the 1-To-All strategy. What to do is pick out one person or a group of people with a similar problem. You will then coach that person through their problem in front of the whole group and solve it on the individual level.

Next, you will take your message on the individual level and apply it to the group level to create a lesson that applies to everyone. A strategy such as this shows off your coaching skills and makes it a practical session for everyone.

It may take some practice to do this, but that’s okay. One way to make it easier for yourself is to hone in on the overall message of the session. That way, all of your training applies to the entire group on the general level.

Wrap Up

Group coaching is a great way to expand your business, provide more service, and increase your revenue. If you consider group coaching, try out some of the models above and find out what is best for you.

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