Couple’s Coaching

Couple’s Coaching

There are two types of couples that generally come to me.

First, where the relationship feels really stuck, or has plateaued.

They might be in crisis and are having difficulty moving past certain roadblocks. Old habits and stories keep them spinning, frustrated, and almost ready to throw in the towel.

The second are couples who are doing well, but they want to do great.

They know that they can improve and also know how positively it will impact their whole family.  They want to get better at communicating, be on the same page and work towards a mutual relationship vision.

Either way, working with me involves the same criteria:

  1. All exits are closed while we work together meaning both parties want to make this work, they are not looking to leave the relationship. They need to be all in.
  2. Both are committed to the process and are coachable.

I take on 3 couples every year. Virtual meetings available.

Your investment: $120K

Application and Interview Required. Enquire within.

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