Coaching is for those who are truly serious about creating lasting changes in their life. No matter how gifted, talented or brilliant – if we do not deal with limiting beliefs we can never truly soar and have the magnificent results we are capable of creating.

Hina believe’s coaching is a powerful tool for change, as one aligns with their purpose, vision and goals, to become a change agent in both their personal and professional lives.

When coaching clients, Hina works with a comprehensive, layered system which at the core deals with shifting paradigms – or limiting beliefs, at the sub-conscious level. Hina’s signature system is one that works from the inside – out, with personalized success strategies geared at saying on purpose, getting results, and creating lasting change.

Try a Discovery Session: engage in a powerful conversation to discover what you really, really want.  The only requirements are that you want to have fun, you will be honest and you are committed to play full out.  It is one of those conversations which will be exciting, challenging, scary, and perhaps even sad at times – but well worth it.


Hina has trained in Tony Robbin’s modality “Strategic Interventions,” along with Bob Proctor Coaching, and is currently part of Christian Mickelson Top Coach Mastermind. Her extensive training at the distinguished Centre for Training in Psychotherapy anchors her coaching expertise. Read more about Hina.