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The Champion’s Mind

From Jim Afremow, author of The Champion’s Mind

“My favorite description of what excellence in the sports world looks like comes from Anson Dorrance, the legendary University of North Carolina women’s soccer coach.

He was driving to work early one morning, and as he passed a deserted field, he noticed one of his players off in the distance […]

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Feeling the Fear and pressing Send

We have all been there—staring at the computer screen, finger hovering over the Send button, almost daring us to press it. Our fears gnawing at us…

We’re scared to send, because the message and it’s repercussions require courage.

This happened to me recently – it was an email where I was putting myself out there. I don’t always like […]

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What started as a dream….

It is hard to describe the majestic beauty that is The Taj Mahal.  When I first walked up to it and saw it my eyes welled up.  One of my dreams come true.  We were actually standing in front – we weren’t seeing this as a cut out on my vision board, or in a […]

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Guided Meditation with Hina

After finishing a fantastic training session on ‘Manifesting your Goals,’ I shared with my students a guided meditation product I created for you.

Keeping the focus on your goal, and not allowing limiting beliefs to throw you off course is DIFFICULT – that is why I created this guided meditation.

As you follow the words, you will be […]

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Gratitude Blab with Janette R Smith

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Persistence Blab with Karen Brook & Cathy Barker

On October 5, my friends Karen Brook (@KarenBrook) and Cathy Barker (@CathyBarker888) joined up on Blab for a one hour discussion on Persistence – how it has changed our business, challenges, and how we work with clients.

There were some technical difficulties in the beginning, thank you for your patience! Stay tuned on Facebook or Twitter […]

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Financial Breakthrough teleclass


Are YOU sabotaging your own success?

If you are tired of riding the financial roller coaster, and need to get a handle on your cash flow, join Hina Khan for a Financial Breakthrough teleclass (recorded March 5, 2015).

In this transformational class you will…

Crack the code of your own © MONEY BS (belief systems) that is repelling money (which is […]

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Find your Persistence Partner (Video)

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Things you absolutely need to know before hiring a life coach

I love this article by Winfried Sitte. I think it really lays out the expectations in the coach-client relationship. As I read it, I found myself reflecting on my clients and some commonalities that run through them.  For one, my clients aspire to something greater and are ready to do the brave work it takes in […]

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Dealing with Grief: The Mourners Code

Death rituals, like those found at funerals and other gatherings, are important – they give us a space to express our feelings with others.  But, of course once the “event” is over the grief and sadness do not leave. Many of you have reached out to me to express your heartache over the loss of […]

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