Hina Khan is all about transformation.

As a coach, Hina helps people change their outlooks on money and business. As a psychotherapist, Hina helps people improve attitudes towards themselves and their relationships.

You’ll find Hina wherever people need help with transforming their
lives – and she’s been doing it for over two decades.

Hina has been providing people with the inspiration, guidance and tools they need to live the fulfilling life that they want, through one-on-one and group-style coaching.

She is currently working on the launch of a new
coaching product for later this year.

In the Media

For eight seasons, Hina was the go-to relationship/parenting expert on CBC’s Steven and Chris show.  She’s also appeared as an expert on CBC’s Canada’s Smartest Person, and the true crime series Addicted to the Life for Discovery US/OWN Canada.  For four seasons, Hina was helping families as the co-host of the hit reality renovations series Save Us From Our House on W Network. Hina has also appeared on Breakfast TelevisionCanada AMCHCH Morning Live along with various radio outlets.

Hina Khan’s YouTube channel

Articles and Press Coverage